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The Amityville Horror
My Poem: The Amityville Thrill
The Story
Epilogue: Horror and Expoiltation
What Do You Think?
The Warren's Investigate
Butch DeFeo's wife
My Poem: The Amityville Thrill

The Amityville Thrill

The lightning flashes

The DeFeo’s rest in their rooms

The storm goes on

As they await their doom


But Ronnie’s still up

The Family’s crazy son

Voices tell him to destroy them all

So he quickly grabs his gun


He slowly makes his way up stairs

The clock hits 3:15

Then he shoots them one by one

As they lay in bed and dream


Now only one person is left

His little sister Jodie

He picks up his gun and says

"I love you and I’m sorry"


Lightning strikes as the gun goes off

Then he quickly flees the scene

He runs into a nearby bar to say

"Everyone’s dead but me"


Later police investigate

And have an incredible find

It turns out that all along

Ronnie committed the crime


Meanwhile, a year has passed

And the Lutz family soon moves in

They are in for a nightmare

And it shall soon begin


Their daughter quickly meets Jodie

Cause she got her room

Chelsea found her in the closet

Where Jodie met her doom


Chelsea told her mom Kathy

Some things that Jodie said

Jodie told her about Ronnie

And the reason that she’s dead


Kathy gets a little scared

But she doesn’t worry too much

But when she’s doing dishes

She’s scared when she looks up


On the refrigerator

The magnets says a sin

Magically they got placed to say

"Katch ‘Em Kill ‘Em"


So she calls a reverend

To do an exorcism on their home

To get the demons out

And all the spirits that roam


While in the process

He experiences the supernatural

He quickly runs away

Without getting rid of the evil


Later Kathy hunts him down

To ask him why he fled

So he tells her about the crime

And all the blood that was shed


Meanwhile George keeps getting ill

As he finds out the secrets inside

All the mysteries within the walls

And the story behind the crime


Eventually George hears the voice

It tells him to kill them all

So he grabs his own gun

And plans his family’s fall


He chases his family outside

Planning to fulfil the voice’s command

He points the rifle at them all

And Kathy takes a stand


The kids help get George into the boat

And they take off into the bay

And as soon as they get far enough

George is miraculously okay


The Lutzes decide to leave

And never ever return

They want to be free from evil

And let their memories burn


It’s a story of evil

A story of satanic possession

It’s a story of demonic thrill

The story of Amityville

This poem was written by Samantha Fields
Copyright 2005